Help Promote Accessibility in the Hudson Valley

ThriveHV, Inc. is seeking volunteers to help out on various projects which help to promote access across the Hudson Valley by improving our sidewalks, building entrances, ramps and bathrooms. 

AXS Mapping

One cool thing you can do to help out anytime  to assist in the movement is become and AXS Mapper! AXS Map is a user-generated database of accessible locations in all major cities. Powered by GoogleMaps API, AXS Map functions by providing users with a database of locations that they can edit with ratings and reviews of accessibility metrics for disabled individuals. This, in turn, allows other users to see these reviews, screening which locations they choose to travel to, and adding their own reviews of the places they enter to expand the database. Rather than leaving accessibility reviews to specialists, AXS Map allows any member of the public to use the tool to report their experience. As well as offering accessibility ratings for the mobility impaired, AXS Map also reviews accessibility for the visually and hearing impaired.